Speak to Office.. :)

Ever wished you could just talk into Outlook, and it writes out your email?

Dictation. Simply talk, and have Office type out on your behalf. it is cool and interesting. Leverage speech to text technology, and if you like to integrate such capabilities in your application, talk to me. dchung@microsoft.com, if you’re an Education customer.

Alternative, you can discuss with DevChat (aka.ms/devchat)

If you’re an Educator, this is a good chance to get Students to practice phonics and see if they are able to read with confidence.

Check out Dictate: –¬†http://dictate.ms/


Discovered a new tool for Classroom

I like to introduce Bing Pulse to you.

If you’re a teacher or lecturer and are concerned with the following, try Bing Pulse. Its free;

  • Run a class, but have no real time feedback of your teaching performance
  • While teaching, unsure of the content relevance to the student’s knowledge of pace
  • Get instant feedback on progress from students
  • Capture and review performance at a later time
  • Running an online e-learning session like webinar, need to find performance of the speaker
  • Quiz and answers collection if your webinar tools don’t allow you to

Try Bing Pulse. Its an interesting tool every classroom educator should use.

Create a free account now.