Wow, its been a week..

Sorry, was really tied up with demos demos and demos. Phew, i finally got a break.

Guess what, a fun surprise came up among my team. Chewy Chong, Developer Evangelist, in my team, ( has a Obsessive Compulsive Labelling Disorder… LOL.

We have a tendency to lose things, but hey, does he need to go to this extreme? Check it out.

clip_image001<- Theses are all the books belonging to the section. Trust me, we have a lot more.

clip_image001[1]<- Chewy went further to label everything he could think of that could go missing…

clip_image001[2]<- Including all the prizes and souvenirs he’s gotten

clip_image001[3]<- He loves labeling doesn’t he.

Sometimes it just lightens up the day to know people are noticing you. Truth is, Chewy doesn’t suffer from that disorder. The rest of us around him does. And it just happens, he isn’t around his table when we need to vent off. So truly, Chewy is a victim… LOL.

Crazy things we do in DPE. haha..