SWUG Newsletter – April 2008

SWUG Newsletter for April 2008

In this Edition;

Cover for the Month
April Meet Up for Insiders
April Meet Up for Office User Group
Heroes Happen {Here}
Release of Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Release Candidate
Heroes Community Event On 17th May 2008
Summary of what happened at Server Launch Wave @ Suntec

Cover for the Month

March 2008 marks the largest product launch in the history of Microsoft. In a single day, 3 major products are being launched, namely much awaited Windows Server 2008; SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008. I will share some very interesting numbers with you later, both worldwide and local. Don’t we just love numbers? I would love it more it those numbers had been cash for my wallet. 😉

So you would have figured out that Mar 2008 was a killer month for me. Yes it was. I have never been so freaking tired, coordinating both Microsoft and Community efforts. For the first time, the Community has quite a heavy SAY and had a huge share of how the launch was executed and reached. Be sure to check out the story later. This is also going to be the largest news letter in the history of SWUG. <Grin>

This month, we celebrate as well, the achievement of a credible individual, Mr. Pom Figueroa, who is awarded Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional on April Fool’s Day!! Let us congratulate him. if you wanna spam a congratulations email, fire it to pomfigueroa@avantustraining.com or visit http://pomski.spaces.live.com and leave messages for him.

April Meet Up for Insiders

Our focus this month, will be about Windows Server 2008, Web and Applications.

Date: 7th Apr 2008
Time: 1900 hrs to 2100 hrs
Venue: Microsoft Singapore, Level 21 (Auditorium)

Topic: IIS7.0 (Introduction, Management, Shared Server Configuration and Diagnostics)

Registration: Send an email to i-dchung@microsoft.com to register for the meet up. In the email, include your name, email address and SWUG ID. You need to be a member of http://sgwindowsgroup.org to attend.

April Meet Up for Office User Group

Our Sister Group, SG Office Group, is inviting us to attend a session.
Its double whammy next week. 😉

Visit this link for details; http://sgofficegroup.org/cs/forums/181/ShowThread.aspx#181

SGOG is covering topics around Office Live and Interactive Charts with Xcelsius.

Please visit above link to find out more and register.

Heroes Happen {Here}

I am paying tribute to our local heroes. Do you know them? If you don’t, please visit this post.
Who are the local IT Heros featured on 26th Mar 2008

Everyone is a Hero in their respective organization. You are a Hero too.

Release of Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V Release Candidate

If you are into Windows Server 2008, and you are into Virtualization, you need to know this.
Grab the updated release of Hyper-V.

Why can’t you get HyperV working properly on your Intel hardware-

Heroes Community Event

I want to give you guys a heads up. On 17th May 2008 (3rd Saturday of May), the major community groups are banding together to give you a day of technology update and fun.

There will be 3 tracks (IT Pros, Devs and SQL). Brought to you by the 3 major user groups. (SWUG, SGDotNet and SGSQLUG).

So mark your calendar, and watch this space. (you need to be a community member to attend. Membership is free). If you have a suggestion or want to see certain topic related to Windows 2008, Visual Studio 2008 and SQL Server 2008, visit this link. http://sgwindowsgroup.org/forums/thread/5557.aspx

Server Wave Launch @ Suntec on 26th Mar 2008

26th Mar 2008, was the day, in Microsoft’s history, the largest reach campaign reaching out to the IT masses in a huge way. A series of launch waves was planned throughout the entire globe. The target, 10million IT Professionals. As of last week, this figure measured at 9.5million pax.

In Singapore, over 2000 pax turned up for the event. Were you one of them?

At the launch event, many of your popped over at the "Meet the Community Expert" booth and said Hi. Thank you for popping around. It was very nice to see so many of you. At the same time, i would like to thank the Insiders too. Here are a couple of pictures which I would like to share with you.

For the first time, the Community was deeply entrenched into the product launch.

  1. On 25th Mar, Digital Life, 4 members of Insiders were featured on the center fold of the papers. They provided testimonials to Windows 2008.
  2. 4 members of the Insiders group were recognized as Singapore IT Heroes. One of them is recognized as a World Wide IT Hero and was featured in a coffee table book
  3. 3 IT Heroes (2 of which are from Insiders group) were featured on 93.8FM Live National Radio
  4. The Community was also responsible for pushing Microsoft’s Facebook, Viral Campaigns, Adventures of Captain Server, and Bloggers Happen {Here} to new grounds with Facebook alone reaching more than 2000 individuals in under 12 days.
  5. 2 Members of Insiders delivered 2 sessions during the breakout tracks on 26th Mar 2008.

With the many involvements of the Community, thank you. The Launch will not be as successful with your involvement.

image image image image image image image image


Community Purchase: Windows Server 2008 Insider Out and Administrator’s Companion

I have managed to work out a good deal with a local MS Press distributor to give our community a good price for MS Press books in relation to the activities that we are working on.

For the month of Mar 08; there are 3 books up for orders;

Windows Server 2008 Networking and Network Access Protection

$65 per book (UP: ~ $97)
Last Order: End of Mar 2008

To Order: http://sgwindowsgroup.org/forums/5592/ShowThread.aspx#5592

image Windows Server 2008 Administrator’s Companion

$70 per book (UP: ~$104)
Last Order: End of Mar 2008

To Order: http://sgwindowsgroup.org/forums/thread/5603.aspx

image Windows Server 2008 Inside Out

$70 per book (UP: ~$104)
Last Order: End of Mar 2008

To Order: http://sgwindowsgroup.org/forums/thread/5603.aspx

In order to qualify for the book price, you must be a member of Singapore Windows IT Pro Users Group;

That’s it for now… Hey, if you want to organize any group purchase, you are most welcomed. 🙂

The group was awesome…

Yesterday, I had a pleasant surprise. I knew there were a lot of people who are very interested in Windows Server 2008. The original invite is located here. I have been running the Windows Insiders Group for a while and I thought for the good of everyone in the community, I combined Windows Insiders program with the community at large.IMAGE_118

The community met up yesterday evening. The turn out was fantastic. I was expecting less than 60 turning up. To my surprise, 76 turned up. More than 10 of you came without registration (that’s fine, I welcome everyone). I had only 62 on my registration list. Less than 6 pax from the pre-registered list didn’t turn up. 🙂

Thought I take a picture and show you. Sorry, my camera phone isn’t fantastic. Oh, I gotta say sorry to those who may not get a chance to eat the refreshments. I didn’t cater enough for 76 of you. I only catered 60. Sorry, i’ll cater more next month. Promise.

I want to thank Pom Figueroa, for helping me out by presenting. This helped me focus on the logistics of the event and ironing out operation issues. 9 of you took advantage of the community bulk purchase and took back this book for only $65 dollars. It is selling for about $96 or $97 out there on the shelves. To top it up, Cheau Fang from Biz-Era got us 40% discount on your next Microsoft exam. Vouchers were given to you direct. Neither me nor SWUG is making money from this, so please don’t think I make money from this. To qualify for this group buy, you need to be a member of SWUG. To order this book (till end of Mar 08, place your order here).

Active Directory Domain Services (AD DS) in Windows 2008 Technical Overview

Pom gave the Insiders and community group a view of the above topic. We discussed Active Directory Domain Services in Windows Server 2008 and how it ties in with areas such as Security and manageability.

The following were covered;

– Security, Manageability, and Reliability
– Read-Only Domain Controllers
– Role-Specific Servers
– Windows Server 2008 group policy

If you missed this session, do not worry. Here are the resources to help you learn about the session. Only catch is, Pom is not around to answer your question. 😉

Here are some of the related resources;

Step-by-Step Guide for Read-Only Domain Controllers
Demo Recording of Demos shown by Pom

Hope to see you guys in April. 😉 Watch out for my email or monitor this space.


SWUG Newsletter – Mar 2008

Hi SWUGsters,

i am trying out a new format of the newsletter. Yes, using my blog spaces so i could share information with more people. 🙂 Please feel free to send me feedback about this.

March 2008 is a month, Singapore IT Pros will remember. It is the month in which IT Heros are recognized and honored. It is the month Windows Server 2008, SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio 2008 gets launched. Please join us at the Customer Launch Event on 26th March 2008 @ Suntec Convention Centre.image

To register your presence, please click here.

I truly look forward to all of you there. There will be games and activities leading up to the actual event itself, so please watch out for it. There are lots of opportunities to win prizes.

Details of Mar 08 Meet Up

I have merged a Windows Insiders Program with our SWUG community. We will launch a series of scenarios and technologies of the upcoming products being launched in March 2008. If you are keen on seeing what Windows 2008 has to offer, please do not miss this series as we may not repeat them again.

Topic of the Month: Active Directory in Windows 2008
Synopsis: You will learn about the new innovations happening around Active Directory in Windows Server 2008. You will also learn about Read Only Domain Controllers and how they can be used. Pop over and take part actively. We can discuss and learn more. Come share your experiences if any.

Date: 10th Mar 2008
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Venue: Microsoft Singapore (1 Marina Boulevard, #22-00, NTUC Building)
Room: 22CF-12

To register, email dennis@mvps.org with your name, SWUG ID and email address.

Light refreshments will be provided.

Microsoft Learning extending its "You Certify, Microsoft Pay" campaign

Due to popular demand and feedback, Microsoft Learning has extended the above mentioned campaign and expanded the scope after everyone’s feedback.

The campaign has been changed just yesterday morning to cover the following;

1. ANY Microsoft exams can be redeemed
2. Exams taken during 1st Dec 2007 to 30th April 2008 can be used for redemption

The official campaign site is still being updated. You can check here for details.
Reason why extended; Because community ask to cover more exams, and community asked for more time to study for exam. Please take this chance to get certified. You may not have to pay for your exam. 😉

Invitation to attend SBS User Group Meet Up

The Small Business Server user group has extended an invitation to members of SWUG and SGOG to attend a meet up which may be of interest to you. On the 18th March 2008, SBS UG is organizing a session to talk about "Security Fundamentals in Microsoft Sharepoint Products and Technologies".

Date: 18th Mar 2008
Time: 7pm to 9pm
Venue: Microsoft Singapore (1 Marina Boulevard, #22-00, NTUC Building)
Room: 22CF-15

To register or find out more information, you can visit http://sbsug.sg

Last chance to order book @ ~40% off

As per previous month email announcement, SWUG is organizing a group purchase for MS Press – "Windows 2008 Networking and Network Access Protection" for $65. Normal price on the shelves is about $96.

To order, place your name and contact here. http://sgwindowsgroup.org/forums/5592/ShowThread.aspx#5592

The first order of 6 has gone out and they will collect it on 10th March 2008 @ the Meet Up. You have till end of March 2008 for this price.

{Bloggers} Happens Here

I am still looking for blogger. I am sure there are bloggers amongst us. Don’t let this chance away to be featured on Microsoft.com/Singapore and a chance to win Windows Home Server with Server Hardware, Xbox 360 and Windows Vista.

Email me for details ASAP: i-dchung@microsoft.com

That’s it for now.
If you have feedback or queries, i will be more than happy to help.

Dennis Chung
SG Windows Group Lead (http://sgwindowsgroup.org)