I’m WebCamed… ;-)

I got a huge surprise this morning.

I received a present from Marcelo in the US who sent me this Microsoft Life Cam NX6000.
Its really cool and fun…2007-10-30-62803

Anyway, i just took a picture of myself with Jocelyn for fun. 

Go get one. It takes Video at 2.0 Megapixels, photos at 7.6 Megapixels
Has a built in Mic and integrated to my MSN Messenger, Office Communicator and guess what… Camtasia too. Way too…

I’m going to heavily abuse this camera for work.


I AM UC Enabled !! :-)

A part of an internal Dog-Fooding process, i’ve signed up to dog food Unified Communications.
Microsoft Singapore is launching UC on 23rd Oct 07 at Suntec City.

If you’re interested to find out what UC is, visit: http://www.microsoft.com/uc

There are a bunch of systems that needs to make UC happen, but once its up, its awesome.
You also have a list of Optimized IP Devices designed for Office Communicator 2007.

Here is a list of them. http://blog.tmcnet.com/blog/tom-keating/microsoft/microsoft-office-communications-server-2007-optimized-ip-devices.asp

As for me, i am issued with a Microsoft make. Code named "Catalina". A model by Microsoft, model 1106. Yes, facilities took away my normal phone. My phone number stays the same. Say there is no interruption and no need to inform my contacts of my updated phone number.

The label at the bottom of Catalina
Screen Shot of Office Communicator 2007

Unified Communications is awesome. I can’t detail all of them here in this single Blog entry. So i’m going to attempt to talk about it more over the next couple of weeks when i find time out of my work.

Meanwhile, just come fun stuff i found out.

I’m new to this, so i’m learning too. Its awesome what it could do.
It is now integrated to my Outlook.

Integrated to my Outlook

I used to have to scramble through my phone (Dopod 838 Pro) search a contact and call using my normal phone (Yeah, wanna save on my mobile charges). UC is now integrated to my Outlook on my computer. So right now, as long as i have an Internet Connection, i could make a phone call through my laptop.

Check out this screen shot. image
So what i do now is from my outlook, i search for a contact whom i wanna call, and click on Call, select a number, and off it goes. Calls in progress. image

I can then choose to use either the Catalina, or a mic and speakers attached to my laptop to talk.

Alternatively, i could use Communicator and type in the name of the person i want to call. It instantly searches through my Outlook contact list and anyone else in the organization on my contact list and surface the numbers. image

Really awesome. I could now make phone calls without taking attention away from my laptop. I bought a Creative headset for this. Its really cool. You guys should seriously check it out.

I’ll post more about my adventure in UC later on. Don’t you just love gadgets and technologies.. I just can’t get enough of them…


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