Finally !!! Check out Project Honolulu

Over the years, IT administration has gone really complex. The number of tools just keep increasing. You end up having a whole bunch of different stuff to do different management.

Check out project Honolulu. Don’t ask me how this name came about. 🙂

It is now time to simplify our life. BTW, it can manage your WIndows Server regardless of where they are hosted. In your server room, data center, or even in Azure.

Check the announcement here.

Project Honolulu

Hyper-Converged Cluster Manager solution in Project Honolulu


Speak to Office.. :)

Ever wished you could just talk into Outlook, and it writes out your email?

Dictation. Simply talk, and have Office type out on your behalf. it is cool and interesting. Leverage speech to text technology, and if you like to integrate such capabilities in your application, talk to me., if you’re an Education customer.

Alternative, you can discuss with DevChat (

If you’re an Educator, this is a good chance to get Students to practice phonics and see if they are able to read with confidence.

Check out Dictate: –

Security Guide for Windows Server 2016

If you guys are working with Windows Server 2016, you must also be interested in the Security Guide.

Microsoft released Windows Server 2016 Security Guide. Access it here:

If you’re into the following roles; the guide is essential for you;

  • Security professional. Individuals in this role focus on how to provide security across computing platforms within an organization. Security professionals require a reliable reference guide that addresses the security needs of all segments of their organizations and also offers proven methods to implement security countermeasures. They identify security features and settings, and then provide recommendations on how their customers can most effectively use them in high risk environments.
  • IT operations and deployment staff. Individuals in all of these roles troubleshoot security issues as well as application installation, configuration, usability, and manageability issues. They monitor these types of issues to define measurable security improvements with minimal impact on critical business applications. Individuals in IT operations focus on integrating security and controlling change in the deployment process, and deployment personnel focus on administering security updates quickly.
  • Systems architect and planner. Individuals in this role drive the architecture efforts for computer systems in their organizations.
  • Consultant. Individuals in this role are aware of security scenarios that span all the business levels of an organization. IT consultants from both Microsoft Services and partners take advantage of knowledge transfer tools for enterprise customers and partners.

In addition to the resources listed in this guide, here are a number of additional resources to help you secure Windows Server environment:

Discovered a new tool for Classroom

I like to introduce Bing Pulse to you.

If you’re a teacher or lecturer and are concerned with the following, try Bing Pulse. Its free;

  • Run a class, but have no real time feedback of your teaching performance
  • While teaching, unsure of the content relevance to the student’s knowledge of pace
  • Get instant feedback on progress from students
  • Capture and review performance at a later time
  • Running an online e-learning session like webinar, need to find performance of the speaker
  • Quiz and answers collection if your webinar tools don’t allow you to

Try Bing Pulse. Its an interesting tool every classroom educator should use.

Create a free account now.

Skydrive is now rebranded as OneDrive

Yesterday Microsoft announced the rebranding of Skydrive into OneDrive. Personally, from a feeling and attachment perspective, I’ve already grown so familiar with Skydrive. On a personal level, i get 21GB of storage, if you’re new, you get a default 7GB. In any case, for teachers and students, you get Skydrive Pro.

By the way, Office 365 A2 plan is free for all validated Education institution.

In Office 365 A2, one gets 25GB of storage, known as Sky Drive Pro.

Going forward, Consumer Skydrive is now called One Drive. and Skydrive Pro in Office 365, becomes OneDrive for Business. Check out the link announcement. Seriously to me, it is just a rebrand, but as always, when a rebrand comes, new perspectives about the services will come. Can’t wait to see the innovations impacting and improving the way we work, learn and play.

I’ll really need to discipline myself and start writing. Losing my writing edge. 😉