How does MSIT implement SharePoint in Microsoft

SharePoint MVP, Loke Kit Kai, was looking for information on how Microsoft implements SharePoint.

Within Microsoft, we have a group know as MSIT, which takes care of all IT needs internally. Noam Nathan, which is Singapore’s new IT Manager pointed me to a showcase of how MSIT does SharePoint.

I was very impressed by the type of information available on how Microsoft uses our own products and how open we were in communicating these information. I guess these software won’t be successful if it didn’t meet even our own requirements. Dog-Fooding 😉

Thanks to Noam for the link.



WSS3 and MOSS Best Practices Analyzer

Microsoft released this on Feb 15 2007.

It contains a tool to run and analyze if your WSS3 or MOSS SharePoint deployment is ok and done according to Best Practices. This tool is interesting. Worth a run even if you don’t know what it is about. Let its report tell you.

To grab the tool (which is free) from here – Link


SPS2003 cannot search into WSS3.0

Its Official. Microsoft says that Sharepoint Portal Server 2003, at current moment, cannot search a Windows Sharepoint Service 3.0 site.
I have a current deployment running Sharepoint Portal Server 2003. I’m using this portal to perform those standard stuff that Sharepoint do and also provide enterprise search.
Ever since WSS3.0 was released, i tried to use SPS2003 to search into WSS3.0. If the document library in WSS3.0 is empty, SPS2003 is able to search it. Well, there isn’t anything to search since its empty. The moment i put in a few documents, the Gatherer log on the SPS2003 encounters some error reaching into WSS3.0. Don’t bother to scratch your head too much.
I’ve contacted Microsoft support and they replied that its not designed to do that yet. To me, i think its because they forgot about it.. haha. Anyway, don’t spend too much time troubleshooting this coz it won’t work. 🙂

Sharepoint Portal 2003 – Single Sign On Looks for PDC Emulator

I’ve been working on a Sharepoint Portal Project for quite a while.
Recently when we enabled Single Sign On, we had an error on the Job Server stating that it cannot locate the domain controller.
After numerous searches on Microsoft KB and Partner KB, i never seem to be able to locate why the heck the problem exists in the first place.
So how, if you’re enabling Single Sign On for your portal farm, and you encounter a problem, check your DNS.
Yes, DNS. You may ask why, simple. The SSO Service looks for your DNS and asks your DNS where your PDC Emulator is.
If the SRV Record for the PDC emulator isn’t pointing to the PDC Emulator, then the setup will fail resulting in that error.
To check if you’re pointing to the right PDC Emulator
Go to your DNS Forward Zone.
Expand a _MCDCS record -> PDC. You should then see a record there. This record needs to be pointing to the correct PDC Emulator. If not, update it. Yes, this is the one that breaks the thing. No idea why.
Then on the infrastruture, we always have multiple DCs for redundancy. Question is, why does it look for the PDC Emulator only, can’t the other DC suffice? This is really against the idea of having Multi-Masters. Anyway, frustrations aside. That costs me a Microsoft ticket which i think isn’t quite fair coz i can’t find this anywhere.
Alright, i’m not a sharepoint expert, so i guess there must be legitimate reason why SSO service is looking for the PDC Emulator.