MaxIT – Office 2010 (Best across 3 screens)

The next wave of Office-related products will help people address these challenges. With these new products we are giving people a familiar interface across PCs, mobile phones and browsers to make it even easier for them to create, communicate and collaborate from any location. IT professionals will benefit from a choice of new delivery and new licensing models as well as from improved management options to better control costs, and enhanced security across all locations. And through our integrated infrastructure, businesses can more easily deploy, manage and help secure corporate assets and comply with government regulations.

Session Overview:
Each session timeslot should be run as a repeated session and customized based on audience, industry, etc. 

  1. Find more with Backstage view and ribbon UI
  2. Tell a story with photo & video editing
  3. Make sense of data with Gemini & Sparklines
  4. Work better together with co-authoring & OneNote
  5. Gain control over e-mail with conversation management
  6. Share instantly with Broadcast Slide Show
  7. Mystery feature – to be announced
  8. Work from virtually any place, device with Web Apps
  9. Keep up on the go with SharePoint Workspace
  10. Do more on your Windows or Nokia phone

Part 1:

Part 2: