Microsoft IT Academy Member Website Update–Jan 2013

Dear Educators,

Microsoft has made available IT Academy for a very long time. In an effort to enhance and support you better, we have made improvements in our get started resources.

Announcing the all new Getting Started Center on the ITA member website is live!  

Specific content areas are available for each primary program audience:

· Program Administrator
· Teacher/Educator
· IT Director

The Getting Started section contains the following resources:

· Information on each role, responsibilities and links to specific program resources by role

· IT Academy resources available in an indexed format.

· Microsoft IT Academy Virtual Training Schedule and Recordings

· Getting Started: First Steps to Launching the Microsoft IT Academy Program in the Classroom

· Microsoft IT Academy Hands-On Training

· Getting Started: E-Learning

· Microsoft IT Academy E-Learning for Professional Development

· Microsoft IT Academy E-Learning Getting Started Guide

· Student Steps – Microsoft IT Academy E-Learning via Access Codes

· Microsoft Certified Trainer Steps for Microsoft IT Academy

· IT Readiness Checklist

· IT Academy Training Presentation

If you are in Singapore and like to know how to get IT Academy, please drop me an email.