Just a regular guy passionate about the tech industry

My name is Dennis Chung, https://www.linkedin.com/in/dennischung/

I’m passionate about Technology, Education and Military. I work for Microsoft, i taught as an Educator, and fought as a solider. I am constantly looking for opportunities to better everything around me.

I love new ideas, explore new ways of doing things, never afraid to fail, am only afraid to stop trying. Many says i am great and innovative at Business Development, i just go with being creative with ideas.

If you aren’t interested about Technology and driving Innovations around your work/life, please don’t waste my time. I drive innovative use of technology in the fields that i am passionate about in my day to day job.

At current moment, i help design solutions on cloud, and in the Education domain. And i am located in Asia. If you’re working in a school/university, and intend to leverage cloud solutions to drive transformation/optimize your environment, talk to me.

I love helping like-minded people, and sharing my knowledge. Please don’t take my kindness and as my weakness.


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