How much RAM does Vista Support?

There are 2 major bit differences in the editions of vista. Watch out for it.
If you purchased Vista Ultimate, the nice black box has both variants (32bit and 64bit) DVDs in it.
For the home and business editions, in the box, you get 32bit DVDs. However, i heard you do not need to pay for 64bit. In the box includes a toll free number which you could order for free. You might want to verify before you purchase it.
But in any case, you get both 32bit and 64bit by purchasing 1 edition.
32bit versions
Due to the limited addressing space, 32bit versions can only support up to 4GB of RAM.
64bit versions
Because of the extra 32bits, 64bit versions are able to support much more. See below;
128GB: Ultimate, Enterprise, Business SKUs
16GB: Home Premium
8GB: Home Basic
While for now 4GB might seem a lot for the average home user, but for IT Pro, 4GB might be a soon-to-reach limit. In the long run, 64bit is the way to go. Well, for now, i’m saving money for more RAM. Got quite a lot of virtual machine testing to do. The more ram i have, the more virtual environments i can run concurrently.

2 thoughts on “How much RAM does Vista Support?

  1. Brandon says:

    You should note that no 32-bit OS, including Vista, will actually be able to use 4GB of RAM.  The most you\’ll see if ~3GB or so, since the rest of the 4GB address space is reserved for motherboard / BIOS functions and by AGP / PCI-Express.   Some machines (like a PCI-Express SLI machine with 1.5GB of video memory that I recently worked with) will only be able to use 2GB of RAM in a 32-bit OS.
    This goes for any 32-bit OS, not just Vista.  Vista is simply one of the few which tells you the amount of memory actually mapped to address space (and thus useable), whereas others will simply tell you the amount that\’s installed (including unuseable portions).

  2. Aaron says:

    I have Widows Vista 32bit home Premium ed.. I just upgraded from 3gig to 6gig of RAM, I understand that My OS will not use all 6gig for “Standadard Dedeacated” memory, however it reconizes the full 6gig as had been installed. However, I do not know if that is because I have a dual channlel motherboard or not. (One able to run 64 or 32 bit OS’s) but for me, my extra RAM is pumped into my Vid. Card. the RAM I installed has not been a full Mirical worker, but it certianly did what it was designed to do (Speed up loading and applacation proscess)

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