Remote Asistance in Vista – Punches through NAT!!

Hi Everyone,
i was just playing with Vista – Remote Asistance.
What is Remote Asistance (RA)?
An ability/mechanism for someone known as the expert, to help someone known as a novice.
What is it for?
Say for example, i’m a novice. I don’t know how to delete a file (everyone knows how to do this, i’m an idiot to take this example <grin>). I invite someone who knows to come into my computer and show me how to delete, without him being physically here. Means, i can get someone geographically seperate from where i am to come help me. So we share the same desktop and we have a chat windows. We could talk through audio or chat and even deliver and transfer a file.
Integration with Windows Live Messenger v8.0.
RA has since been in XP. Early version of Messenger also supports RA. You can get someone on your IM list to come help you. However this has been typically the challange, to get pass the firewall. For RA to work, port 1433 must be open on the firewall. 1 IP per client. Well, for most of us at home, that means only 1 machine at home and use RA to get someone from outside to help. Yup. Do a port forwarding in the firewall.
What’s the improvement with Vista?
Well, for the RA capabilities integrated with Live Messenger, it incorprate a Teredo technology to punch through NAT. Means the end user need not have to figure out the tedious mechanism to open firewall etc… Teredo.. the unsung hero in connectivity.
To know about Teredo…
The future is definitely in IPv6. I’m waiting for IPv6 to hit Singapore full scale. Lots of stuff on the infrastructure may need to be changed, but that opens a very vibrant future in connectivity…
Well, just my thoughts…

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